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Fullwave Research Consortium

The FULLWAVE research consortium was initiated in 2002 to develop practical three-dimensional FWI computer codes for application to field seismic datasets. We were first able to demonstrate this in 2007, winning the Bonarelli Award for a paper presented at EAGE in Rome 2008 entitled Efficient and Effective 3D Wavefield Tomography.

These early codes were developed in the frequency domain, in part because frequency-domain implementations had proven to be superior in performance in earlier two-dimensional applications. This advantage however is not easily replicated in three dimensions. Consequently, from 2008, the FULLWAVE consortium developed 3D TTI anisotropic FWI codes operating in the time domain. This FWI code has now been commercialised within a number of companies.

The current phase of the research consortium, FULLWAVE Game Changer Phase II, began on 1 January 2015. The Game Changer consortium has developed a fully anisotropic 3D elastic FWI code, and is developing FWI techniques that do not require low frequencies, accurate starting models, or large source-receiver offsets.

The links below give consortium members access to confidential software, documentation, publications, presentations and details of past and upcoming meetings.

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